Our audio engineering process begins with what we call a “Needs Analysis”, in which we will obtain a full understanding of the customer’s goals. We allow the customer to articulate exactly what they envision. The next step is to brainstorm together. We give the customer information about relevant technology and work together to begin putting together a solution. Once we have a clear understanding of what the customer wants and they have a clear understanding of relevant technology, we can then begin to look at specific products.

The product selection/placement portion, of the engineering process, is the next step. Our team will work to understand all aspects of the space. This includes acoustical analysis, electrical analysis, and product placement options. Some customers like to be very involved in this portion of the audio engineering process and others don’t. Whatever makes our customer feel most comfortable is the direction that we will take.

Knowing when to use technology is a very important component of a successfully engineered system. Our team knows advanced technology and is continuously aware of the newest products on the market. Just because it is the newest though, doesn’t mean it is always the best solution for your system. We are up to date with new product reviews, recalls, etc. Sometimes it takes a few versions before all of the issues are corrected and the product meets our standards. Every system is different and our team knows when the newest is the best option and when it is not.

We know that manufacturers are in business to make money. Their job is to sell as many units as possible.  Our job is to understand what products provide value to our customers and filter out the products that do not deliver value.