Home Theater

AV’s approach to the home theater is simple – listen to the customer’s goals and engineer a finished product that matches their vision. It is a great addition to an existing space and can also be the centerpiece of a new construction project.

Home theater technology has become very advanced. Our advanced knowledge is required to create a successful cinematic experience. It requires the majority of home technology systems (audio/visual, control, acoustics, etc.) and it needs to be integrated correctly. Quality equipment is a must, and knowledge of the newest products is needed in order to make correct decisions.

Sarasota Home Theater

Prime Audio Video takes great pride in creating the best home theater systems. The engineering behind our systems is meticulous and the equipment selection is specific to each project. An acoustical analysis is performed at each project. The installation does not start until the customer approves the design. There are a lot of companies that provide this kind of service, but Prime Audio Video provides only the best quality solutions.