Mobile Control

The goal of our control systems is to make it easier for you to operate the technology within your environment. With the touch of one button, you are now able to control all of your devices from one location. This includes home theater systems, audio systems, video display, climate control, lighting, motorized shades, and surveillance. This is a home automation app. Touch screens installed in strategic locations give you the ability to conveniently access your system.

One of the main concerns regarding control is that people think control devices are not user-friendly. They feel that it could be more trouble than it is worth. This was true in the past, but we can say with confidence that our control devices are very easy to use. One of our team members will train you on how to use the device and will not leave until you feel comfortable operating your control system. If you run into any problems, no big deal. Just give us a call at 941-922-2842 and we will be out to take a look.

Mobile control with a home automation app is one of the fastest growing areas of control. With the advancements in smartphone and tablet technology, you can literally operate your entire system from the palm of your hand. You can access your system within your home or while you’re at the grocery store. If you are on vacation and want to check the surveillance cameras at your home, just tap a button on your smartphone and live camera footage will appear.