Outdoor Solar Alarm


New type of independent solar powered outdoor strobe siren with sound and light alarm function, no electricity cost, energy-saving, eco-friendly and safe for your family.
Smart alarm: built-in PIR human body infrared sensor, when the intruder enters the sensing area, the device will send out a 120 decibels audible alarm and light flashing visual alarm, threat and prompt.
It can intelligently recognize the repeated shaking of characters and reduce misjudgment. Digital design and judgment, zero false alarm. The patented Fresnel lens is used to effectively overcome the false alarm caused by sunlight interference.
The whole waterproof patent structure is easy to install without debugging and wiring. The mode of flashing in dangerous area and alarming in day and night, suitable for a wide range of sites (such as construction site area, pond, high pressure danger, etc.)
5 alarm modes are supported: 1. 24-hour audible and luminous alarm mode; 2. 24-hour flash no sound alarm mode; 3. Intelligent judgment of sound and light alarm mode during the day and night; 4. Silent alarm mode at night; 5. Flashing warning in dangerous area.

Power supply: solar charging
Type: independent
Solar polysilicon panel: 5V*0.6W
Static current: ≥ 50uA
Alarm current: ≥ 100mA
Alarm loudness: ≥ 120dB
Detection angle: 110 degrees
Sensing distance: 9-12 meters
Solar charging time: 6-8H
Work without interruption: 365 days
Housing Material: ABS
waterproof standard: IP67
Product size: 135 * 65 * 70mm
Product weight: 172g

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